Monday Musings:Getting Out the Vote; Palin vs. Obama; Ski Goggles with GPS; RIP Pennichuck Brewing; Discovery Channel Brewmaster

Starting today, I’m going to use Monday’s posts for some brief “musings,” random thoughts on things I’ve observed, interesting items from the news, or bad dreams I’ve had!

Given generally poor voter turnout in the U.S. (e.g. in 2008, the Democrats’ “mandate” came from getting a majority of the 132,618,580 people who actually cast votes, only 56.8% of the voting population; in the 1994 Republican “Revolution,” only 75,105,860 or 38.5% of the voting age population actually voted), I wonder if this approach from a Spanish political party might help: Voting is a pleasure (NSFW unless you’ve got headphones)

Obama vs. Palin in 2012? The mind boggles. While you’re going to see Obama’s approval rating slowly rise into positive territory over the next year (partly due to improvement in the economy, partly because people will start to see some of his policies in a more positive light, and partly because the Republicans in Congress are already showing signs of going too far), he will still have a difficult time vs. a strong Republican candidate, especially given a volatile electorate. But Sarah Palin? I suspect he’d wipe the floor with her. I also suspect that an Obama vs. Palin match-up would produce a highly viable third-party candidate.

I just read an ad for the Zeal Transcend GPS, ski goggles equipped with GPS. They look like some sort of James Bond toy — and they can be yours for only $400. Except that I haven’t found a pair of ski goggles yet that don’t fog up. Maybe they work for downhill skiing but I wouldn’t expect them to be much good when hiking!

Sad news I learned recently: after months of searching local liquor stores for beers from Pennichuck, one of my favorite local breweries (in Milford, NH), I found out that they’ve gone out of business. RIP (especially their Schwarzbier, which was exceptional).

Discovery Channel is doing a reality show with Sam Caglione, who owns Dogfish Head. Although not a big fan of Dogfish Head beers, I do appreciate the efforts Sam has made to promote brewing, and to uncover some ancient recipes for brewed beverages (I wouldn’t necessary call them “beer”). Almost makes me wish I had cable! 

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