Monday Musings: Weird Weather; Wikileaks; Leslie Nielsen; Canadian football

This issue of Monday Musings comes live from Wolf’s 1-11 Restaurant in Albany, NY, where I stopped on my way back from Thanksgiving at home in Canada. (Hopefully my puppy is sleeping quietly in her crate at the hotel, and not barking her head off at the neighbors.)

A friend from Vancouver posted a picture of her dog in several inches of snow. We haven’t had snow yet in Boston and although we had a sprinkling in Toronto this weekend, it had melted by afternoon. When it snows in Vancouver before Boston or Toronto, there is definitely something weird going on with the weather!

“Wikileaks sparks worldwide diplomatic crisis” is one of the more dramatic headlines from the latest leak of secret U.S. government documents. Puh-lease… The only people who are surprised by anything contained in these documents are people who aren’t paying attention. Diplomats are paid to provide unfiltered advice to their government, and these cables just show that they’re doing their job. If the leak was from Germany or France or Outer Slobovia, you’d see the same thing.

Sad news: Leslie Nielsen has passed away. You have to respect a guy who spent 30-odd years being a serious actor and then decided to blow that up with a string of completely silly (and generally extremely funny) roles. 

Watched the Grey Cup (the Canadian football championship) while home this weekend. I hadn’t watched Canadian football in quite a few years, and was reminded of why I find the NFL so boring. With only three downs, the wider and longer field, and 12 players, it’s so much more exciting than U.S. football.

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