iPod Obsessions: December 2010

  • The Antlers, “Kettering”
  • Sigur Ros, “Festival” — They used this at the end of 127 Hours (when Aron Ralston is staggering out of the canyon) and it was perfect.
  • Radiohead, “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
  • Tegan and Sara, “I Bet It Stung” and “Walking with a Ghost”
  • Interpol, “Untitled”
  • Kathleen Edwards, “In State”
  • LCD Soundsystem, “Dance Yrself Clean” — Finally got around to buying an LCD Soundsystem album after having them on my “to check out” list for ages. Love it and it led me to buy some related (at least according to iTunes) material in the following two bands.
  • Terror Pigeon Dance Party, “Snakebites!”
  • School of Seven Bells, “Heart Is Strange”

From the Vault:

  • Stan Rogers, “Northwest Passage,” “Field Behind the Plow” and “Free in the Harbour”
  • Alice in Chains, “No Excuses”
  • Timbuk 3, “Life Is Hard”
  • Warren Zevon, “Boom Boom Mancini”

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