Life From a Puppy’s Point of View

In late-September, my wife and I adopted a puppy, a 16-week-old border collie/ Australian shepherd/ red heeler mix from a rescue in Tenn., after falling in love with this picture on PetFinder.  

Cardigan (named after the lodge in NH where we met, not the sweater) is a fantastic addition to our lives: smart, energetic, with loads of personality. I work at home, so she keeps me focused and structured, and she makes us laugh a dozen times a day. She has been a joy in what has otherwise been a difficult year of health setbacks and challenges in starting my business.

The other night, Ulla started talking about how life would be better if we saw the world the same way Cardigan does. As often happens with us, she said out loud something I’d be thinking. She wrote some of these things down, and I’ve added to them. Yes, it’s a little like that book “Everything I Know About Life, I Learned Kindergarten,” but hopefully it will make you smile, and maybe look at life differently! Feel free to add your own in the comments!  

  • All humans and animals are awesome (until proven otherwise).
  • It’s a good thing to take time to sniff (or smell the roses).
  • It’s best to learn by doing (even if it occasionally hurts).
  • Always show your love, happiness and enthusiasm.
  • A good romp is way better than a TV show or time spent on Facebook.
  • Why walk when you can run, tumble and roll?
  • Playing isn’t just an important part of life: playing IS life!
  • It is important to try new things even if they look scary.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, lie down, scratch yourself, chew some grass, and try again!
  • Every day is new and just as good as the previous day.
  • Understanding body language is very important.
  • If you greet others with a smile (or a full body wiggle), most of the time they’ll be friendly right back.
  • Being outside is fun, even when the wind chill is well below freezing, and you’re not wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Who needs video games, iPods, movies or games when you can chase your own tail?

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  1. As I have also recently begun 'canine therapy,' I laughed and nodded as I read these rules. Kismet continually reminds me how natural it is to be joyful and resiliant, and how much easier it makes every day to do so. Did you know that Hindus consider animals to be repositories of divinity because their spirits are so pure? They often give the first plate of food to an animal as an offering to the gods. In this spirit, I'll add my own rule: Food tastes better when you share it with a friend. I'm enjoying your KAMmentary, keep at it. Lisa

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