Monday Musings: Metrodome collapse; MacBook Air love; new short story; Westboro Baptist lunatics

17″ of snow and the Metrodome collapses? It’s in Minnesota — 17″ of snow sounds average. Either that was some very wet heavy snow, or the roof is showing its age.
I am LOVING my new MacBook Air. I moved to an iMac two years ago, mostly because I love the 24″ cinema screen and I could get a lot more power for less money than a MacBook. But with my freelance work, I’ve increasingly found myself needing a laptop, and my old PowerBook G4 finally died. (Okay: if truth be known, I killed it by trying to install a new keyboard myself.) Intended to buy a regular MacBook but was convinced to try an Air for what I need, and it’s phenomenal. First, you’ve got to love a machine that boots up fully in 12 secs.! Second, with flash memory instead of a hard drive, it doesn’t get hot. Finally, it weighs nothing. In spite of the small size, the screen is still quite brilliant, enough so that I’ve watched movies on it.
Finished a one-week intensive revision workshop at Grub Street last week. Cam Terwilliger was the instructor and did a great job. Most importantly, I managed to completely revise what is probably my best short story. (You’ll find it on my writing page. It’s titled What He Could Have Told Them.) Some good line-editing and then some readthroughs by some people I trust, and I think I’ll have a story reading for publishing!
The stark raving loonies from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, are at it again. Several members picketed Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral (although at least kept them away from funerals of service members killed in Iraq or Afghanistan since they picket those, too, carrying signs with quaint “Christian” slogans such as “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”). Understanding that the Bible can be interpreted any number of ways, I have trouble seeing how Jesus Christ (who consistently reached out to the marginalized) would stand for this. And if they are so opposed to homosexuality (based on their references to the oft-quoted passage in Leviticus 18:22), I hope they plan to follow all the laws in that book — especially since about the only way to do that in the modern world is to exile yourself to a desert somewhere and live a nomadic life herding animals. I’d even offer to drive them out to a desert myself. I might forget to leave water for them…

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