Monday Musings: Blizzards, Puppies, Big Blog Posts and Senate Races…Oh My!

The views from our balcony

We’re getting walloped by a blizzard – fun! Seriously. It doesn’t matter how old I get: I always feel like a child when snow is falling, whether I’m outside kicking through it in my Sorels, or just feeling cozy in bed listening to the wind howl. Bring it on!

My top albums of 2010 post rapidly became my biggest post ever with 88 hits. (Okay, maybe I’m not ready to take on the big blogs, but if I can just multiply that by at least 1000, then I can make a living from this!)
I uploaded a new video featuring Cardigan, the puppy we adopted in late-September. She’s just over six months, and a barrel of laughs. Check it out if you can stand the cuteness!
Speaking of Cardigan, half the fun of the blizzard is seeing her hopping around in snow that’s as deep as she’s tall. For some reason, she loves to jump into drifts over her head. Her joyfulness sure makes me smile!
While he hasn’t necessarily conceded the Alaska Senate race, Joe Miller has at least decided to allow the certification of Lisa Murkowski’s victory, pending final challenges. There are clearly legal issues here, although it’s equally clear that the voters intended to elect Murkowski. The major issue to me, however, is the ongoing inability of this country – one of the world’s oldest, most developed and largest democracies – to run an election without a bunch of problems. It’s just plain embarassing.

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