Monday (actually Tuesday) Musings: Tucson; Compostable Packaging; Other Uses for Zucchini; Bad Headline

This edition of Monday Musings is a day late (but not a buck short) as I wrote about the Tucson shootings yesterday.
From the “So Much for Good Intentions Dep’t.”: Frito-Lay has discontinued its vaunted compostable packaging for Sun Chips (except for one small package size). Apparently customers complained they were too noisy. I can confirm that they are (were) a little louder than other packaging, but it didn’t particularly bother me unless I was eating them while watching TV – then I simply poured them into a bowl first. My God but people are whiny. I read a quote recently from someone who complained that taking her own bags to the supermarket was “inconvenient.” As inconvenient as having hundreds of plastic bags shoved under the sink (or blowing around the neighborhood)?
On the topic of compostable packaging, I learned recently from my wife that compostable bags aren’t necessarily helpful, unless you’re actually composting yourself. I bought some compostable garbage bags for the kitchen, but then she informed me that since regular garbage is just thrown into landfills, which are then capped, the oxygen doesn’t exist to allow them to break down.
I just read an article about a woman fending off a bear with a zucchini. I know that zucchinis can have multiple uses, but this isn’t one I’d considered.
I saw a headline from AP this week that disturbed me (in more ways than one): “Women in Haiti’s squalid refugee camps face rampant rape”. Isn’t bad enough that they face “rape” period? Is the modifier “rampant” really needed?

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