Monday Musings: Natalie Portman; New Brew Pub

Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for best actress in a drama for Black Swan last night. I’m not surprised. As I noted in my review, she blew my mind in this movie. Talk about becoming the role. I haven’t seen many other of the talked about performances yet, but they’ll have to be amazing to beat her.
Found a new brew pub by accident yesterday. (Honestly it was by accident! We just drove by it on our way to Mt. Kearsage.) It’s called the Flying Goose Brew Pub in New London, NH. I tried five of their regular brews, and they were okay but not really outstanding. But they had two seasonal brews we also tried and really liked: a black IPA (a style I’ve tried twice recently with mixed results – Otter Creek Alpine Black IPA and Blue Hills Black Hops, which is 4th in this article) and a traditional German bock that Ulla (with her genetic knowledge of things German) really enjoyed. On top of that, the view from the dining room is fantastic: virtually the entire ridge of Kearsage. Check it out if you’re up that way.

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