Monday Musings: End of Color-Coded Terror Alerts; Finding Musical Gems; Scotch in a Can

Homeland Security is getting rid of its much-ridiculed color-coded terror alerts. We’ve been at orange or yellow the entire time, as far as I can recall, so it’s been of limited use anyway. (“It’s orange so do I need to draw up my will before going to the airport?”) Of course, I’ll miss the comic possibilities, best captured by the late-lamented SatireWire (an early version of The Onion), which issued the “Five Day Terror Forecast” shown to the right.
There are some things I don’t like about the whole digital music revolution: the disappearance (for the most part) of the album as a coherent whole, the poorer quality of digital sound files, and the lack of that fun moment of opening the CD and reading the liner notes (although I don’t miss prying that annoying bit of tape from the CD case). One thing I do love is the ability to sort my collection any way I want. My favorite trick is sorting by date played, a step I highly recommend since you’ll find all sorts of gems you haven’t listened to in awhile. Given that I have almost 11,000 songs (which would take over 194 days to listen to), including my entire CD collection, I can always find something I haven’t listened to in years.

Did you know that you can now buy Scotch whiskey in a can? Since I’m now a fan of beer in cans, I don’t have an issue with Scotch in cans. That’s not the case with Scotch connaisseurs, who seem less concerned with the fact that it’s in cans, and more concerned with the fact that they haven’t heard of the types of Scotch included in the can. Apparently if it were Laphroig or Talisker, they’d be okay with it!

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