Saturday Beer Review: Sea Hag IPA (New England Brewing Co.)

This is a very nice IPA on the lower-side of the hops spectrum, and available only in cans.  

The color is clear and golden-amber, bordering on copper. Not as strong a head as I would expect with an IPA. This one was light and quickly dissipated. Low-key aroma with malt dominant. I had to ask Ulla to check the aroma on this one since I was completely stuffed up with a cold. She said it was very fresh with a grassy smell, which is (believe it or not) not unusual for an American IPA.  

Very nice mouthfeel: hold it for awhile and you’ll experience the sharp tang of an IPA, even though the general taste is definitely on the lower end of bitterness for an IPA. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: there’s been a whole movement toward extreme hoppiness that has gotten out of hand (as I wrote about in Hops Wars).  


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