Monday Musings: "World" Champions?; Scary Product; 20 Reasons Why Revolutions Are Happening

Not a big football fan, but enjoyed the Super Bowl last night – except for the inevitable “We’re world champions” bragging. How can a team be “world champions” of a sport that’s played virtually only in the U.S.? (The Canadian game is different.) “U.S. Champions” would cover it nicely. The expression “World Series” is even worse as baseball IS actually played in a few other countries, and at a very high level in Japan. There’s an arrogance and insularity in these expressions of triumph I find disturbing.
Tell me this isn’t a little bit creepy: No, I wasn’t looking for such a product! I was reviewing The Civil Wars’ Barton Hollow and wanted to find if the song “Forget Me Not” was theirs, or a cover. This came up on the first page of search results, which is even more frightening as that means it’s a very popular result!
Great blog post from a guy at the BBC that my friend Ira shared with me: As a Brit, his focus is more on Europe and the Middle East but there is some reference to the U.S. and much of this applies here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Paul Mason link… And OMG – those panties!!! I'm sure the fact these panties are even conceptualised is connected to why things are kicking off!


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