Saturday Beer Review: Otter Creek Copper Ale

I’ll start this review by revealing a strong bias (at least recently – my tastes change occasionally) for amber/copper/red ales. Partly it’s because my wife likes those styles and so I’ve purchased them more frequently lately. Partly it’s because some of the new German-styles her family has introduced to me feature a maltier balance. And partly it’s a reaction to the overhopping that’s going on right now.

That brings me to Otter Creek Copper Ale, a very nicely balanced beer that’s been a favorite for awhile, but has never been subjected to a full tasting. A great pour, with a lingering sheen of a head, tight bubbles, very light brown. Color is, not surprisingly, copper! Low-key malty aroma. Very mild hint of citrus.
Creamy and slightly tart mouthful. Fairly carbonated, but not inappropriately so for this style.

In taste, the balance is definitely on the maltier side of the equation. Hops are back in the mix, evident mostly on swallowing. Caramelly flavor. Just a really nice, well balanced ale. Certainly better than the Alpine Black IPA I reviewed a couple of months ago.


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