Monday Musings: 100% Oscar Results; Traffic Rotaries and Massholes; Driver Feedback; United States of Beer

I correctly guessed every winner (although only for the acting, directing and writing categories) in yesterday’s Oscars! That’s a first…
What part of “Yield to traffic in rotary” do Massachusetts drivers not understand? I’ve used rotaries in other countries (including one outside Stirling, Scotland – yes, driving on the opposite side of the road – with, count ‘em, 10 exits) and they work just fine – except here.
On the same topic, I gave someone a break at a blind intersection (i.e. the ones that are all too frequent around here in that you practically have to drive into the cross street to see if it’s clear). The guy in the van behind tried to take advantage as well, but since I’d already started to make my turn (I had the right of way in the first place after all), he had to stop. So he gave me the finger. Nice. But reminds me of an idea I had recently: what if we had a system in our cars that allowed us to push a button and give “points” to other drivers for courteous behavior, points that would be shown to other drives via some sort of display on the car’s sides and rear? So you could look at another car, see a series of gold stars and know that they’d already done lots of good on the roads. Create a kind of feedback loop rewarding positive behavior.
Finally, my wife found this: United States of Good Beer. Very interesting. (The whole website is quite good.) I don’t necessarily agree with their choices. I like Harpoon but wouldn’t choose them as #1 in Mass. (I’d probably go with Berkshire Brewing). And The Shed for Vermont? How about Magic Hat or, even better, MacNeill’s?

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