Saturday Beer Review: Farmer Brown (The People’s Pint)

People’s Pint (from Greenfield, Mass.) produces some very nice beers in 22 oz. bottles. Today I’m reviewing Farmer Brown, their version of an American brown ale, a style I’m very much enjoying lately with my interest in maltier beers (perhaps my contrarian nature at a time when hops seems to be all the rage).  

The aroma is exactly what one would expect for a brown ale: very malty with strong caramel tones and something else, a sharp almost sour note. The color is ruby and on the lighter side for a brown ale. The head is light tan and dissipates quickly.  

The flavor is very nicely balanced with strong malt presence but a nice lingering bitterness at the edges of the mouth. Quite full-bodied. All in all a very good example of an American brown.  


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