Saturday Beer Review: Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale (Berkshire Brewing)

Appearance: The “extra” is definitely needed here: this is a very light beer, even for a pale ale, with a golden color close to what I’d expect in a kolsch. Slightly cloudy with a white head of medium sustainability, lingering particularly on the edges of the glass. Slight evidence of legs and carbonation.  

Aroma: More full-bodied aroma than one would expect from the appearance. Well balanced with a just enough citrusy and clovy hops aroma to balance the maltiness.  

Mouthfeel: Perfect, medium-bodied mouthfeel, slight tingling from carbonation.  

Taste: Surprisingly full-bodied and complex for a lighter beer. The malt is perhaps a tad too dominant for a pale ale but it’s still reasonably well balanced.

Drinkability: Highly drinkable and one of my favorite local brews (along with their Traditional Pale Ale)


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