Saturday Beer Review: Simcoe Spring Ale (Peak Organic)

Peak is a Maine brewer and one of the first pure organic brewers. I love their beers, not because they’re amazing or different (nor because they used to have great photos on their labels submitted by drinkers – and I always wish I’d submitted this photo) but because they focus on doing a good job with straightforward beers.
Appearance: Clear, golden-yellow, with a strong and lingering white head with medium-sized bubbles. Strong evidence of carbonation.
Aroma: Excellent aroma with hops dominant. Choice of hops has produced a very fresh grassy and flowery aroma. I pick up a hint of vanilla and cloves as well.
Taste: Beautifully balanced with hops quite dominant but lacking the bitterness that some of the recent over-hopped beers have. Reflects the aroma well with fresh and appropriate hops selection producing a nicely hopped citrus and spice taste.
Mouthfeel: A bit sharper on the tongue than I like. Still not bad, medium-bodied with
Drinkability: “Bartender, I’ll have another!”

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