Monday Musings: Rethinking Music; The Donald?; Ridiculous Gas Price Issue

The Boston Phoenix published an interesting piece on new ideas to “save” the music industry. Some interesting new approaches in here, such as a groupon-type approach for bands (so if enough people bought a “ticket” to see a band live, a venue would take the chance on booking them) or the ability to buy a complete package (essentially a subscription) to everything a band does. Check it out!

What does it say about the increasingly sad state of politics in general, and the Republican Party in particular, that Donald Trump is being taken seriously as a presidential candidate? This is a man who’s nothing but a massive self-promoter. (That he’s taken to a new level so in our vacuous, shallow, celebrity-focused culture, he’s the ideal presidential candidate.) His various businesses have declared bankruptcy four times. Let me repeat that in a separate paragraph just to emphasize the point:

His businesses have declared bankruptcy four times. And he’s been quoted: “I do play with the bankruptcy laws—they’re very good for me” as a way of cutting debt. Great. If the federal government just decides to declare bankruptcy, he’s the man we need.

Ridiculous headline of the week: Costly gasoline clouds Obama re-election prospects. What’s ridiculous is that it’s likely true, which shows how out of touch with reality many voters (and, by extension, politicians) are. There’s a reason why prices are high (and read my “Just the facts” on this): demand. We use a lot and the rest of the world is using even more. Don’t like the price? Use less of it. Carpool. Try walking or transit. It’s not rocket science. 

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