Monday Musings: All the Sinners Left Behind; Porchfest; Hidden Lust for PBR; Cardigan’s Run

Either the rapture failed to occur on Saturday or (my preferred explanation) we’re all sinners, even those who think they’re saved, and therefore no one was called home. At least it was good for a laugh and a lot of wasted time and bandwidth…

Attended a fantastic event this weekend that I hope will be repeated: Porchfest in Somerville. People all across the city turned their porches into stages for local bands. Spectators gathered on the lawn, sidewalk and sometimes even into the street to listen, watch, dance, participate and get to know their neighbors. The quality of the bands was all over the map (which was half the fun) but the vibe was totally cool. I especially enjoyed seeing random passersby just decide to stop and hang out for awhile. Special thanks to Ethan Gilsdorf, whose tweet first alerted me to this event and whose house was host to several bands.

Speaking of Porchfest, I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures while watching the bands: I drank a Pabst Blue Ribbon (affectionately known as PBR). This would seem out of character for a self-confessed beer snob, but I have to admit that I like something like PBR on a weekend afternoon, especially a hot afternoon. PBR, Bud or my favorite (at least when I was in RI) Narragansett. It’s just a matter of fooling my tastebuds. I tell them “Look, it’s not really a beer. It’s just a nice refreshing beverage. Call it ‘Essence of Rice and Barley’ instead.”

Ever run or hiked with a dog and wondered how much farther they’ve going with all the back and forth? With my dog, at least, it’s not that much farther. I put my running GPS on her Friday and did a regular 3.8 mile loop at Middlesex Fells: I’m trying to figure out how to show the two side-by-side, but if you look closely, you can see that she’s basically running back and forth across the trail, rather than along it, most of the time. Also, her pace varies wildly as she stops and sniffs things, and then charges to catch up with me.

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