Saturday Beer Review: My Antonia Pilsner (Dogfish Head)

Appearance: Slightly cloudy and light golden(almost straw-colored) with a very prominent white head. You’ve got to use the classic pilsner pour with this one (angle the glass at least 45 degrees and pour slowly and carefully). Otherwise you’ll have a glass full of foam, although it does settle to a drinkable level quickly.
Aroma: Malt is the dominant characteristic in the aroma with a nice underlying suggestion of fruitiness from the hops. There are hints of anise
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied and fuller than the color would indicate. Slight bite from the hops and the elevated alcohol level (7.5%, which is high for a pilsner).
Taste: In a word, delicious! This is a terrifically well balanced beer. Light yet flavorful with a good malty sweetness that’s offset by just the right level of hops (Noble and West Coast).
Drinkability: This may be my new favorite beer, which is highly surprising given that I’m not a big pilsner fan and while I admire Dogfish Head for their independence and innovation, I also don’t care for most of their beers (too hoppy or just too weird). But this beer rocks. The perfect balance of malt and hoppiness. Of course, at $10 a bottle, it’d better be good!


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