Saturday Beer Review: Beer of the Gods (High and Mighty)

NOTE: This is a combination of German-style Kölsch and Altbier so I had to use both criteria in judging. Make sure you check out their website as well since it’s very well done and in their description of this beer, they take a shot at high-alcohol beers, something I’ve complained about.

Appearance: Very light, at the top end of the color spectrum, not even straw colored. The head is white and less than I would expect from a Kölsch (or an Altbier, for that matter). It’s also very clear, which surprised me as I had somehow gotten the impression it was unfiltered.
Aroma: Sweet and fruity, quite nice and fuller than the color would lead you to believe. Malt is definitely dominant but the hops provides some nice tangy notes.
Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with a nice edge of bitterness, a result of the combination of the hoppier Altbier with the normal low hops Kölsch style. Perfect level of carbonation.
Taste: In a word, well balanced. If it were just a Kölsch, it’d be too bitter but it’s just right for an Altbier. Malt is predominant in the initial taste but the hops makes its presence known, especially at the back of the mouth.
Drinkability: Very drinkable, especially considering I’m not an enormous fan of lighter beers. I tend to find them bland and unflavorful, but this is a wonderful combination of influences.

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