About Me

58e55-blogcollageI’m an independent soul, someone who’s often marched to the beat of his own drummer (even when I’ve got the beat wrong). I try to think for myself, and learn by reading and observing, talking to people, trying to see things from ground level.


I studied history in university, and even though my career and life path has taken me away from that, it still very much influences my worldview. I tend to see connections (across the years, across cultures, across apparently unrelated concepts), interrelatedness and complexity where others might prefer to simplify.


I spend as much time as possible outdoors, and I live in Boulder, Colo. (since 2014) so I have many amazing outdoor opportunities. Being outside (whether miles from nowhere in the backcountry or just walking in the city) is a crucial part of my being. It’s fair to say that my “religion” (as much as I have any) is the world in which we live — all of it (yes, even the @!$#* mosquitos).


I’m a Canadian who’s lived in the U.S. since 1995. I love the U.S. and the opportunity it’s given me (not just to have a great career, but also because I’ve made so many amazing friends down here), but being Canadian still informs much of how I look at things. And I’m married to a German woman, and love to travel — so needless to say, I tend to look at things rather globally.


I don’t travel in the package tourist sense. I like to get down and dirty. Some of my favorite experiences have involved getting lost. Sometimes only by getting lost can you “get found.”


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